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Carriages record at the mill

The latest visitors to Melin Dolwion were Bristol/London-based trio Carriages (featuring Markland Starkie, Benjamin Owen and Mark Simms). On a very pleasant mid-July weekend the band came to record their new album. They embraced the mill’s bucolic settings and used the different spaces we have to experiment with recording techniques. Mark Simms, who drums in the band and was also in charge of recording over the weekend explains how he creatively used the space to produce specific audio atmospheres. Mark […]

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Wales Improvisers Orchestra (WIO)

The first meeting of the Wales Improvisers Orchestra (WIO) will happen at Melin Dolwion on Monday 3 August 2015 at 3pm. It will then take place on the first Monday of every month at 3pm. If you have no idea what improvisation is, you could listen to this recently broadcast Radio 4 programme. It features Maggie, who is, of course, the mill’s resident improvisation doyenne. Lots of other interesting folks are interviewed too. You could also check out this video […]

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The Challenge of Simplicity – Long Notes

The first ever Challenge of Simplicity weekend ran by Maggie took place at Melin Dolwion at the end of May 2015. One of the first exercises practiced during the weekend was ‘long notes.’ Long notes is one of the core vocal practices we do at the mill. We try to do it every morning for an hour. It involves dwelling within one note, exploring the different tonal qualities and sounds that can be woven from what appears to be a deceptively […]

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