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As well as providing facilities for you to run your own projects in, we also offer creative intensives for small groups and individuals facilitated by Maggie Nicols.

These usually last for four hours a day for a least four days, although it can be flexible depending on need.

As a pioneer of improvised music with over forty years experience of workshop facilitation in the community music sector, Maggie can deliver workshops for a range of groups and abilities.

Maggie draws on her life and experience as a musician, dancer, actor, yoga teacher and workshop facilitator to explore creative energy in all its magical diversity. Within sessions time is taken to build trust among participants, the creative process and the abundant gifts of the muse.

A group sit in a circle listening to a workshop facilitator

As well as working with artists, Maggie has worked with people who have formal learning difficulties, people with disabilities, and those experiencing mental and emotional distress. She continues to work extensively with both specialist and integrated groups.

Watch Maggie perform her teacher and mentor John Steven‘s ‘Sustain Piece’ with the Infinite Monkey Orchestra and Liverpool Improvisation Collective in 2012.

Watch Maggie talk about her life in a film made for the Music & Liberation exhibition in 2012

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