The Gathering

A Gathering takes place at Melin Dolwion on 1st and 3rd Monday of every month from 7pm.A young man plays fluter, an older lady sits in a garden and man plays guitar facing the other way

The ‘Grand Gathering’ takes place from the first Monday in September for a week.

Everyone is welcome.

‘The Gathering is a space, place and time where we can build up confidence in our creativity; where we can sit in silence, sing, play an instrument, draw, be poetic; prophetic; we could talk in tongues, talk to each other, to ourselves, talk to voices. We can listen, make sounds; melodies and noise, soft and loud; leave space, fill it up; explore rhythm and time, chaos and rhyme; lullabies and laments; shyly and boldly be in our different rhythms together.

The Gathering began in 1989 at a meeting of the London Musicians’ Collective, a few of us felt that it would be good to come together in a way that was less stressful than some of our meetings – a Gathering. It started with improvising musicians but quickly expanded to include anyone who wanted to explore and experiment in a welcoming environment. It’s a place where experienced musicians use their skills to encourage rather than exclude others.

An interview with Maggie Nicols from 2000/2001 about the GatheringIt’s possible to participate at any level that feels comfortable. Everyone is musical in some way; a sigh, sounding the breath, one simple strong repeating beat, blowing across a bottle, tapping a glass, singing one note … All these sounds can be just as powerful as knowing an instrument well.’

We are currently gathering together the gathering’s archives, details of which will be posted on this site in due course. New content will be flagged up on the blog.





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