Who we want to welcome

The Create-ahh facilities are multi-use and adaptable. They are very much what you make of them.

We invite writers, film makers, dancers, visual artists, musicians, spiritual practitioners and groups, educators and community organisations to get in touch to discuss holding an event with us.

Our spaces can be used for the following events and purposes:Image of cobwebbed autumn doorway

  • day-long workshops
  • individual or group residential retreats
  • musical or performance rehearsals
  • do it yourself recording
  • painting
  • yoga
  • meditation and other forms of spiritual practice
  • performances
  • ceremonies
  • rituals
  • small-group symposiums

These are just a few suggestions – our facilities can be tailored according to your needs and vision.

We are particularly interested to welcome peer support groups and community organisations who work with and for

  • people with learning differences
  • mental health difficulties
  • carers
  • those connected with the recovery movement

We aim to create space and time for people to focus on their projects, develop ideas and share knowledge in a unique, inspiring and supportive environment where contradictions can be embraced and differences respected.

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