‘Another Fine Gathering You Bewitched Me Into’ by Frank Charlton

Regular gatherer Frank Charlton sent us a poem inspired by his time at the gathering this September. Thank you Frank!

‘Another Fine Gathering You Bewitched Me Into’

Such a fabulous full moon through tonight without you
Distorts the azimuth human view
Ascending and ending the Gathering of wild and witty souls
From each and every way unto crucifixation poles
Where some lost the light which is never enough,
Like life goes barmy when things is tough.

But gorgeous to have met you all in the stew
Of human mania soundly soaring anew;
The Grand Gathering, they say, is over and gone
But memories smile dreams from the valley beyond
In this continuous replay of brainworms of which I grow fond;
Count me in next year but with no broken body
Otherwise my brain clumbers something awfully shoddy
And mad psychokinetic visions abound
While the mind rolls on from another rebound
In and out and over the town
Starlight reflects you perfectly the crown
Of this and that and all it might be.
Stay true to your nature both windward and lea,
But, if you find time, let’s share a pot of tea.

Doesn’t have to be herbal, or black or green,
For my physic is full of the resounding scene –
The Gathering, The Gathering! O come what may,
Dancing pure bliss colours truth’s endless way
Whilst Magical Mags spins skill spirit the key
Where dodecaphonic joy heals each universal be
And Shakti over Shiva will ever fly free –
Now see Her here, please see Her for me,
The creative energy of the Universal We.

Frank Charlton,
from Golden Full Moon Night after The Grand Gathering
at Melin Dolwion, on the river in Drevach Felindre, Llandysul, Carmarthenshire in Welsh Wales,
where this year I saw no woolly Whales.
9-10th September, 2014

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