bellies! record at the mill

Last weekend bellies! (a.k.a. debi and Nat, who have lived at the mill for the past 12 months) recorded their new album Sinister World Music at Melin Dolwion.Annie Gardiner places an amplifier behind a screen to separate the sound


Annie Gardiner sits behind a do it yourself mixing/ recording station


Sinister World Music is lyrically inspired by the work of Bertolt Brecht and attempts to develop a political language to describe the sinister conditions we are collectively implicated in.

Think songs about digital waste, big data, zero hours contracts, attention capture and more (what fun!)

Nat Brown plays guitar and Annie Gardiner sits behind a do it yourself mixing desk

Long time friend, collaborator and sonic maestro Annie Gardiner was behind the recording desk.

debi withers plays the drums

She was impressed by the ‘acoustic versatility’ of the mill which is already proving to be a hit for do it yourself recording ventures.

Exagerrated and theatrical guitar performance

Nat plays the piano frame in the ballroom, Annie sits behind a mixing desk

Sinister World Music will be released October 2015. This is the cover…

bellies! emerging from a pile of electronic wasteDo you want to use the mill for recording or rehearsal?

Get in touch to find out more.

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