Carriages record at the mill

The latest visitors to Melin Dolwion were Bristol/London-based trio Carriages (featuring Markland Starkie, Benjamin Owen and Mark Simms).

Carriages in Hecate's Haven, via a mirrorOn a very pleasant mid-July weekend the band came to record their new album.

Amps set up in the toilet They embraced the mill’s bucolic settings and used the different spaces we have to experiment with recording techniques.

Carriages drum set up in the ballroomMark Simms, who drums in the band and was also in charge of recording over the weekend explains how he creatively used the space to produce specific audio atmospheres.

Mark Simms Talks About Recording in Melin Dolwion

Reflecting on a day's hard work

Want to record at the mill?

We welcome bands who are looking for an interesting place to rehearse and/ or record to contact us to discuss how we can work together.

Recording in Hecate's Haven


We want our spaces to be accessible to artists and bands on low budgets, and our current residential rate is £30-50 sliding scale a day per person which covers room hire and board.

You don’t have to be a band! We welcome all sorts of creative practitioners to come to the mill.

Close up of drum mike up


Carriages were amazing residents.

They showed us new ways to creatively engage with our spaces and we are excited to share this documentation, and Mark’s insights with you here.

The drums in Hecate's Haven


Mark discusses what the mill has to offer as a recording space

Kyna attacks the pedals

Mark explains his different recording methods

Hecate's Haven long view


Massive thank you to Carriages. We can’t wait to hear the final mix!

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