The Challenge of Simplicity with Maggie Nicols, 22-25 May residential

If you are thinking about coming to the mill to explore the Challenge of Simplicity with Maggie Nicols in May, check out the interview below.

It appeared in Canadian magazine Music Works in 2008.

The article explores Maggie’s approach to music making, and her involvement, since the late 1960s, with community music and free improvisation.

The Challenge of Simplicity is Maggie’s first ever residential event held at Melin Dolwion.

Booking for the weekend is now available. Contact us to book a place!

Music Works_2008_Nicols_Cowley_1Music Works_2008_Nicols_Cowley_2

Music Works_2008_Nicols_Cowley_3Music Works_2008_Nicols_Cowley_4

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