Changing Room – Oiled and ready for action

In a previous post we gave an update on renovations to the Changing Room.

We are delighted to report that the oiling of the floor has now totally finished!

Changing Room Angle

The work has been meticulously overseen by Nat, who has done an incredible job. Thank you Nat!

She says ‘I can’t wait for people to start using the space.’

Entry to the Changing Room

We now plan to add new furnishings to the room that will transform cubbies into hostel-style sleeping accommodation for visitors.

Changing Room - Long View

The Changing Room will also have a writing area and a small studio space for artists to work.

The carpeted area at the far-end of the room is a great space for meditation, yoga and relaxation.

Changing Room - Long Frontal

We are of course able to adapt the room to your needs, so if you want to use it for a particular activity or project get in touch and we can discuss how it can happen.


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