Grand Gathering 2015 Photos

The annual Grand Gathering’ is winding down for another year after a week-long adventure improvising music and community.

This year’s Grand Gathering was an opportunity to remember two beloved members of our community who passed away since when we met last September.

Zouïna Benhalla, mother to Maggie and creative inspiration to many, passed away in February 2015. 

Kes, who had been bravely battling cancer, passed away at the beginning of this month.

Both were warmly remembered and celebrated at Friday’s variety night.

Bravo Zouïna! Bravo Kes! And thankyou…

Here are a few photos of Saturday night’s activities – more documentation to come!

A man plays a hand drum A woman plays theramin and a man plays hand drum Two people perform music, a film of seagulls flying is projected in the background A woman sits and watches, a man reads a piece of paper A woman plays cello, a man plays electronic instruments A woman plays sax A man plays cello a number of wind instruments sit by his side A woman stands with a slug crawling on a jar


The next Grand Gathering will take place in 2016 from the first Monday in September for a week.

Join us then…

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