Learning, Transforming, Technique II – April 2016

Learning, Transforming, Technique II

8-11 April 2016

Melin Dolwion, Drefach Felindre

In April 2015 Create-Ahh organised an experimental event where educators, scholars, performers and activists came together to share learning techniques and test out new ideas.

The event was an amazing success. You can read a review, written by one of the participants, here.

Participants supported each other to explore different ways to learn, and in the process transformed both how and what we can learn in collective settings.

Sessions drew on theatre, performance, music, puppet-making, walking, collage, stitching, reading and discussion.

Learning, Transforming, Technique II will be run with a similar ethos.

The theme of the event is mixed-ability.

Proposals for sessions should explore the following questions:

How do we create learning encounters where everyone, no matter what their knowledge, previous experiences or skills are, can participate in an enriching learning experience with others?

How do we create contexts that nurture the under-confident and help everyone to express their unique abilities?

If we take time to ensure everyone feels included and part of a group learning experience, what new insights and forms of learning emerge?

As with our first event we encourage experimental proposals and explorations of new methods.

At the same time, if you have a brilliant, tried and tested technique you want to share with others please send us your ideas. We want to hear these too!


Learning, Transforming, Technique II is funded by the Big Lottery and will be free to attend (including all food and accommodation).

We also have money to cover travel expenses—we hope this will encourage more people to travel to West Wales and help this wonderful event develop. Travel expenses are available for facilitators and participants.

There will also be an opportunity to contribute your workshop plans, evaluations and ideas to a pamphlet publication. This will be published in June 2016 and we hope it will help create a legacy for our collective explorations.

Sending in a proposal

Proposals for sessions can be between 150-300 words.

Please submit your final ideas by 1 February 2016 by email to create dot ahh at gmail.com



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