Learning, Transforming, Technique III: Going Deeper / CFP / 7-10 April 2017

Learning, Transforming, Technique III: Going Deeper

Melin Dolwion, Drefach Felindre

7-10 April 2017

In April 2015 and 2016 Create-Ahh organised an experimental event where educators, scholars, performers and activists came together to share and try out new learning techniques.
Both events created a uniquely generous and supportive environment that enabled participants to explore how we learn shapes what we can learn.
Previous sessions drew on theatre, performance, music, film-making, listening, puppet-making, walking, collage, stitching, reading, stop-motion animation and discussion.
The theme of this year’s Learning, Transforming, Technique is Going Deeper.
How do we co create safe techniques which take us deeper individually and collectively, and help us to nurture learning and transformation in a myriad of ways?
If this would be possible (si fuera posible), [1] how can alternative learning techniques unlock intimate knowledges that can heal and transform our (collective) existence?
‘Going Deeper’ learning sessions might explore:
– digging/ subterranean movement
– emotional awareness / sensitivity / listening / responsiveness in group work
– building trust / authenticity
– the role of (un)consciousness in (un) learning / dreaming
– de-schooling / de-programming
– meandering / wandering through ideas/ thinking/ discussion
– using creativity, art and spontaneity to bypass rational or predictable process of thinking.
– histories and archives of alternative/ radical education
We invite people to send proposals and/ or expressions of interest (between 150-500 words) which outline their ideas for a 2 hour learning session.
As with our first event we encourage experimental proposals and explorations of new methods.
At the same time, if you have a brilliant, tried and tested technique you want to share with others please send us your ideas. We want to hear these too!
Learning, Transforming, Technique III is an unfunded event.
We are asking participants to pay a sliding scale fee of £50-100 to include all board, food & fuel/ wood. No one is turned away due to lack of funds but we are not be able to support travel costs.
Please submit your final ideas by 1 February 2017 by email to create dot ahh at gmail dot com and direct any questions to this address.
[1] Cherríe L. Moraga (2011) ‘The Benighted Nation We Call Home’ in A Xicana Codex of Changing Consciousness: Writings, 2000-2010, Durham: Duke University Press, 165-174.
*please share widely among your networks. Diolch yn fawr!*

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