Learning, Transforming, Technique: sessions so far

The deadline for proposals for Learning, Transforming, Technique is next Friday, 6 March.

To inspire you to send us ideas for a session, we thought you’d might like to know about some of the things we have received already.

Here goes then…

Critical Frames: This session, facilitated by members of Making-Learning, will re-frame some critical theories of education as sites for creative practice. Using the craft of weaving on a frame, participants will transform discussions of learning into a collaborative art piece.

Not a manuscript installation, but manuscript occupation Isabel Pinto will explore subjective concepts of space and interaction through manuscript arrangements. Her session will examine the everyday accessibility and relevance of the historical experience.

I propose wandering about the mill in search of the best way to combine the symbolic value and eventful nature of drama manuscripts with the possibilities offered by a change in scenery. I want to go from floor to floor, room to room, area to area, along with drama manuscripts, in an attempt to inscribe new histories into the history of the mill.’

Puppet making workshop, based on the Ubuntu philosophy, facilitated by Puppet-Stew.

Ubuntu is an idea from the Southern African region which means literally “human-ness,” and is often translated as “humanity toward others,” but is often used in a more philosophical sense to mean “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”.

Focusing specifically on the ‘sharing/connecting’ theme, we will begin the session by getting to know each other and opening up about our  current feelings, and getting our creative energy flowing. Sitting on the floor in a circle with our feet all touching {using a chair is an option for those who need} we will spend 15 minutes getting to know each other, relaxing into the space and each others company, through a series of quick paced, fun word games.

A room full of instruments, seats and canvases

Do you have an idea for a session that could make the most out of this space?

Thinking with, thinking without: collective practices and conceptual creativity, facilitated by Deborah Withers.

This session proposes two modes of orientation within thinking that aim to generate conceptual creativity and challenge practices that ‘do the work of thought’ for us: thinking-with and thinking without.

Thinking-with explores ethical orientations within ideas. Thinking-with is not thinking against (as a form of denunciation or dismissal, i.e., so and so is wrong and I am right), but a process of working-with the materials present as a kind of recombinatory practice.

Thinking without, on the other hand, is a means to shake off concepts that congeal through common sense repetition. For the imaginative thinker, hardened concepts can be burdens which make thought lag, smother emergent imaginaries and prevent conceptual creativity. They can make thinking—but also acting in the world—boring and constrained.

A room 101 for critical theory, thinking without is an opportunity to discard of the concepts you feel burdened by. It is a chance to practice the possibility of ‘what if we can think differently’ about the world and its conceptual architecture.


Alongside these proposals, we will also have a walking and leadership workshop facilitated by Arthur Turner, an improvisation session led by Maggie Nicols and a secret cinema that will run throughout the weekend.

You can be part of the action too, either by facilitating a session or attending. Contact us now at create dot ahh at gmail dot com, or via the contact form, to express interest or request a booking form.

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