Renovating the Mill – the Changing Room

As mentioned in the press release earlier this week, work to renovate the mill is an ongoing process.

Currently our attention is focused on developing the Changing Room into a dormitory space and area for meditation, yoga and relaxation.

A room in the process of being cleaned and sanded

We currently use the space daily for meditation and yoga but we want to make it even better. Our plans as follows:

– install a new carpet towards the end of the room in order to make it comfortable for                    people who want to use it for relaxation purposes;

– clean the floor, sanding in certain areas;

– oil the wood to ensure it is protected in the long-term;

– install sleeping areas in the ‘cubby holes’ to include mattresses, curtains and dividing fabric.

The Changing Room will also have a cubby with a writing desk for writers and an easel for painters to use during their stays at the mill. It is a really lovely, light and peaceful space which makes it ideal for getting into your creative flow.

We will post more photos as the work gets done, which we anticipate to be fully finished by the end of November.

Perhaps you want to have a small group retreat in December to be the first to make use of the space?

Contact us to discuss! 

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