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Create-ahh is a community facility based at Melin Dolwion, an old woollen mill, in Drefach Felindre, Carmarthenshire.

Create-ahh is a space and time where community and creativity can be explored and practised in a supportive and kind environment. It is where people can focus on their projects, develop ideas and share knowledge; where contradictions can be embraced and differences respected.

Since 2002 Melin Dolwion has been the home of Zouïna Benhalla and her daughter, Maggie Nicols. Every year in September they have held week-long ‘Gatherings’ at the mill, a time/space where community is improvised and people can practice being in their different rhythms together.

They are now extending the invitation so that individual writers, community organisations, meditation retreats, teachers and facilitators, painters, performers, musicians and other collective projects can benefit from the facilities throughout the year.

People can stay for a day or number of days, a week or longer if so desired.

Spaces to hire are:

The Ballroom: ideal for rehearsal and recording space for bands, musical workshops, collaborative exercises, dance and movement.

The Changing Room: A light space suitable for meditation or yoga retreats, painting, theatre, writing and performance rehearsals.

Hecate’s Haven: Dark or lit to the barest minimum, it is a space to explore the nurturing and illuminating powers of darkness, shadows, stillness and mystery, a space to practice healing, meditation, workshops, retreat and transformation.

We have a number of single rooms available for people wishing to conduct solitary or individual retreats, hostel-style accommodation in the Changing Room and camping spaces.

The Mill is surrounded by a bountiful forest garden, planted according to permaculture principles, as well as the stunning Carmarthenshire countryside for walks and relaxation.

Work to develop the mill’s facilities is ongoing, and as the project grows, more facilities will become available. We are keen to nurture a culture of mutual aid and exchange, so if you have skills, energy or time that can help better the project, please do get in touch.

We are committed to making our facilities available to those with different budgets, and are willing to negotiate costs based on a sliding scale basis. Please get in touch to discuss your ideas.

For the latest news about the create-ahh project, please visit the create-ahh blog which is regularly updated with news of forthcoming activities, residents’ work and documentation of daily practices.


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