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Update on our home improvements

We thought you’d like an update on our home improvements. Local builder PJ Beaumont and his team are renovating the cottage in order to create new sleeping accommodation in the mill. The boarded up area is a mezzanine style sleeping space, which can accommodate up to two people. Once the whole job is completed the mill will be wheelchair accessible, and we will have an accessible toilet and shower area too. As ever, do contact us about hiring one of our spaces […]

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Bands rehearse in the mill!

2015 is coming up quickly so it is time to start making your creative plans a reality. Music is a massive part of what we do at the mill, whether that’s our bi-monthly improvisation gatherings, rehearsal or teaching. The mill works best when rhythms are emanating within it, and we really hope to welcome even more people to use our facilities in the new year. It is very rare for bands on low budgets (that’s pretty much most bands, right?) to […]

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Renovations to the mill – wheelchair access, toilet and bathroom

Winter is upon us and the mill is witness to a flurry of industrious activity. PJ, Chris & Alex (our friendly local builders) are renovating the cottage. We are installing a wheelchair accessible toilet and bathroom in the space, as well as a small kitchen and new sleeping areas. We hope this work will help make the mill more accessible and offer visitors somewhere a bit more private and independent when they stay if they need it. Nat continues what has become […]

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