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Fliers for Spring & Summer events

We are excited to have some fliers made to promote our Spring/ Summer events: Learning, Transforming, Technique (10-13 April 2015); The Challenge of Simplicity (May 22-25 2015); Variegated Women (19-21 June 2015). Mega thanks go to Caroline Duffy for designing the flier. If you want us to send you some fliers to give out or display get in touch and we can!

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Changing Room – Oiled and ready for action

In a previous post we gave an update on renovations to the Changing Room. We are delighted to report that the oiling of the floor has now totally finished! The work has been meticulously overseen by Nat, who has done an incredible job. Thank you Nat! She says ‘I can’t wait for people to start using the space.’ We now plan to add new furnishings to the room that will transform cubbies into hostel-style sleeping accommodation for visitors. The Changing Room […]

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Renovating the Mill – the Changing Room

As mentioned in the press release earlier this week, work to renovate the mill is an ongoing process. Currently our attention is focused on developing the Changing Room into a dormitory space and area for meditation, yoga and relaxation. We currently use the space daily for meditation and yoga but we want to make it even better. Our plans as follows: – install a new carpet towards the end of the room in order to make it comfortable for     […]

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