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Changing Room – Oiled and ready for action

In a previous post we gave an update on renovations to the Changing Room. We are delighted to report that the oiling of the floor has now totally finished! The work has been meticulously overseen by Nat, who has done an incredible job. Thank you Nat! She says ‘I can’t wait for people to start using the space.’ We now plan to add new furnishings to the room that will transform cubbies into hostel-style sleeping accommodation for visitors. The Changing Room […]

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New Carpet and Oiled Floor in the Changing Room

The new carpet arrived on Friday, creating a comfortable space for the yoga and meditation practices at Melin Dolwion. As you can see, oil is in the process of being applied to the floor, after several months of deep cleaning and sprucing of the surface. The oil will help protect the floor in years to come. We want to say a big thank you to all the donations received which have helped pay for these improvements to the space. We […]

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Renovations to the mill – wheelchair access, toilet and bathroom

Winter is upon us and the mill is witness to a flurry of industrious activity. PJ, Chris & Alex (our friendly local builders) are renovating the cottage. We are installing a wheelchair accessible toilet and bathroom in the space, as well as a small kitchen and new sleeping areas. We hope this work will help make the mill more accessible and offer visitors somewhere a bit more private and independent when they stay if they need it. Nat continues what has become […]

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