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The Challenge of Simplicity – Long Notes

The first ever Challenge of Simplicity weekend ran by Maggie took place at Melin Dolwion at the end of May 2015. One of the first exercises practiced during the weekend was ‘long notes.’ Long notes is one of the core vocal practices we do at the mill. We try to do it every morning for an hour. It involves dwelling within one note, exploring the different tonal qualities and sounds that can be woven from what appears to be a deceptively […]

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The Challenge of Simplicity

A weekend to experience the joy and liberation of mindful music making with Maggie Nicols. Maggie explains: My approach is designed to reassure the nervous and challenge complacency. Many of us have been socialised to believe that the simple is beneath us and that we must strive to be clever and impress, however, simplicity can take us into depths of our personal and collective being that we never imagined possible. Over the weekend, we will sound out different approaches to […]

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Maggie Nicols introduces the Challenge of Simplicity

Watch Maggie Nicols give a short introduction to her forthcoming residential The Challenge of Simplicity, 22-25 May 2015. Places are still available if you want to book a place. As Maggie explains, this event is mixed-ability – you don’t have to be an experienced musician, or even a musician, to come and participate. We look forward to welcoming you to the Mill in May. Please do contact us if you need further information. Massive apologies for the poor sound quality […]

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